Know our
Development Department

Panoram Hotel Management stands out for its deep knowledge and track record of success in the development of hotel assets. Our experience covers both independent hotels and those affiliated to recognized brands, operating both nationally and internationally, with a prominent presence in Spain and Italy. This broad spectrum of action has allowed us to acquire a comprehensive and strategic vision of the hotel sector, adapting to the diverse dynamics and demands of the market.

Our development team carries out detailed and customized analyses for each project. We understand that every hotel asset presents unique challenges and opportunities, so we approach each case with meticulous attention to its particularities. From location and design to operation and profitability, our focus is on creating solutions as they maximize the potential and success of each project.


If you are contemplating the opportunity to acquire or convert an asset, we can assess its viability by analyzing business forecasts, capital investment and profitability.

Selecting the right brand is one of the most critical decisions. We have in-depth knowledge of the various brands and carefully evaluate the best option for your business.

Our business plan will provide a detailed analysis of the local market, five or ten year business projections, all tailored to your specific field.

As hotel management experts, we are prepared to meet any strategic or operational challenges that may arise, helping you chart the optimal path to success. From asset repositioning to space reconfiguration to remodeling, we explore every opportunity to maximize your property’s potential, tailored to your specific needs.

Our hotel management agreements (HMA) are flexible in both their duration and conditions. Depending on the type of asset and the hotel product, the management contract negotiated with Panoram Hotel Management can be accompanied by a hotel franchise agreement, which allows you to benefit from the sales and marketing platforms of leading brands internationally.